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What is cPanel?

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What is cPanel?

What is it?

cPanel is a very popular method to manage web hosting servers based on Linux. It lets you manage a number of different elements from one handy control panel and it is considered an industry standard.

Is it good for me?

cPanel has some drawbacks (can be a bit much for the beginner, easy to break things etc.) but in general, it is fast, easy to use, easy to learn, stable and tons of support and information.

We use cPanel at TECHNOVORE because it’s awesome and east to manage and we think you will love working with it!

Are there alternatives?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, there are hundreds and hundreds of them, but few offer the range of features combined with the ease of use and level of support that cPanel can. When you are looking at a web host, it is good to see what interface they use and if you think you can get on with it. 


cPanel may not be the most cutting edge server management software, but it is reliable and fully featured and most of all, affordable! We have no hesitation in recommending it and if you want your own server to try it out, get in touch!