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Useful Information – WordPress

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Useful Information – WordPress

Here is a collection of links and information that you might find useful if you are working on your own WordPress Website or if you happen to work at TECHNOVORE and need reminding from time to time.



Headless WordPress

Useful outline of the basics of using headless WP with a link to other resources.

What Is “Headless” WordPress?

Improving Accessibility

Improving accessibility on a website is really a no brainer and should be considered essential.

  • It can be difficult to create a site that works for everyone and so a service like Userway ( can be invaluable. 
  • Another useful plugin, especially if you are using Divi is Divi Accessibility ( It is only useful for compliance up to WCAG 2.0 but much of what it can do is extremely helpful.

Checking Your Site Is Available Around The World

Sometimes it can be hard to know if your site is down for you, down for everyone or how quickly it is loading for different audiences around the world. 

  • Geopeeker is a handy tool to see how your site is looking across the world and the ping time in that region.