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Do your website and social media pages have a Coronavirus COVID-19 advisory notice and what should it contain?

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Do your website and social media pages have a Coronavirus COVID-19 advisory notice and what should it contain?

These are difficult times and your customers could be scared, confused or just looking for a little help. With social distancing and self isolation becoming more prevalent, it is natural to assume that people will seek answers more from the web and social media. 
Below you will find some suggestions on how to communicate more effectively with your customers and in some cases your staff and key stakeholders too:

Update your website to communicate with future customers & clients.

  • Make it clear that you are, or are not, open for business. Add clear messaging by adding web banners or updating item headlines and descriptions.
  • If your business involves booking, encourage future bookings by highlighting available discounts and flexible rebooking policies.

Use messages to communicate with existing customers.

  • “Company XYZ is currently unaffected by the coronavirus. We will remain open and maintain our normal business hours. We look forward to seeing you soon!”
  • “Dear valued customer, for your health and safety, Company XYZ will be closed to the public at this time in response to the recent coronavirus news. We will reach out to you with a timeline for reopening as soon as that is possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding.”
  • “As our company responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees and customers remains our top priority. We are committed to being there when our customers and colleagues need us most. Here’s how we’re responding…”

Best practices for notifications

From a practical, best practice, point of view, it’s best if notices are on all pages of your website (not just the home page), just below the masthead but popups are also valid and less intrusive for businesses where close contact isn’t a requirement. You can also, in extreme cases create a holding page to replace your normal content. 

Your notice should cover, where applicable:

  • The impact on customers
  • How employees are being protected through social distancing
  • How customer service will be affected
  • The location of changes to service
  • A minimum time the action will be taken for
  • Consider building lists of frequently asked questions

Finally, Stay informed!

To monitor the latest information surrounding Coronavirus, follow the UK Government Page on Coronavirus, the NHS page on Coronavirus  and the World Health Organization (WHO) for up to date information.
As we as a nation practice social distancing, more and more customers will be turning to your website for information regarding the status of your business. By providing the information they are seeking, you will not only help prevent confusion, you will also show that you care.

Besides updating your website, remember to put a sticky post on facebook and add a post to your Google Business page!

Last but not least. Be careful, be kind and be considerate. The risk of the virus is only one of the difficulties in this situation and many people will be scared, unable to purchase essential supplies or concerned about finances. Don’t panic and help anyone you can. If you need advice or support, get in touch and we will do our best to help.