Even if you don’t host your website with us, we want you to have the best site you can. So why not sign up for a Website Health Check for just £20 and let us take a professional and impartial look at your website for you? 

What happens next? Is this the “small print”?

.Yes, this is the small print, but don’t worry. There  isn’t much of it and if you have any questions, just get in touch!

  1. We will gather as much information as possible and compile it into a no nonsense report for you.We might need to get in touch with you during this period to discuss how much detail you want us to go into etc, but it shouldn’t be too painful!
  2. We will take a short while to compile your report (think days, not minutes! This work is done by actual humans who combine a range of tools with experience to give a well rounded impression and feedback that can’t be matched by a machine for your site).
  3. We will contact you about payment (if required, try and get hold of a code if you can!) and then;
  4. Send the report for you to read and digest.
  5. That’s it.

We aren’t going to spam you with sales calls or emails although we may follow up in a week or two to see what you thought of our service and if you need any help, but that’s it. We don’t believe in hard sell, we just want to help.

What will you be checking for on my website?

Having a website these days is pretty much a necessity but if you have a website, it is absolutely essential that it works properly and is secure. We want to help give you peace of mind by taking an impartial look at your site and offering advice and insights to ensure your site is working as intended and doing a great job of representing you and your business.

Is your site:

  • Doing what you need it to? (For example, Selling enough stock, bringing in new sales or leads, helping people access support etc.)
  • Easy to use and navigate by your visitors?
  • Secure and up to date?
  • Backed up and resilient to failure
  • Compliant with GDPR and other legal obligations?
  • Running at an acceptable speed across browsers and devices?
  • Consistent across your entire site?
  • Missing any killer features which could boost your business or goals?

We can help you identify areas in which your site could be better and areas in which you are already doing a great job! There is no obligation to use our services of course, we just want to make sure your website is at the top of its game!


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