Come in, sit down and make yourself at home!

At this point in most courses, they would give you a history of the internet, how it was developed, something about the technology and how it has made a huge number of things possible that weren’t possible before. We aren’t going to do that here. If you are interested in the history of the net, have a look at the Internet entry on Wikipedia.

What we are going to do is tell you about what the internet can mean to you, your business, your customers and the ones you love. The internet is simply a tool and we are going to show you hints, tips and shortcuts to make the most of it, and hopefully make your life easier too!

Over the next few pages we are going to break down the “net” into some of its component parts and then explain a little about each of those parts. Hopefully your use of the internet and how your business can benefit from it will fall into one of those sections and then later in the course we will give you some hints and tips about how to do more.

Before we do though, we need to talk about security…