The Client

Plymouth College of Art are one of the finest providers of education in the South West with far reaching projects that go beyond those of a traditional education provider.

The Brief

TECHNOVORE was engaged to work with the Careers and Enterprise Team on this project. The team wanted to create a an online resource, accessible to all, that contained all of the Colleges careers and employability content and give students a better experience at the College, and allow the College an insight into the students learning styles, career aspirations and areas in which they felt they needed more help.

The Solution

The Careers Toolkit was a large and complicated project but essentially comprised of three main project elements:

  1. The Portal – The framework in which all of the careers and employability information is to be housed in.
  2. The Content – Conversion of existing content from a range of media types (paper, pdf, spreadsheet, moodle and more) into a single, unified format.
  3. The Additional Resources – Calculators, quizzes and interactive tools which allow the College and students to gain a better insight into their learning styles and educational needs.

This project was great way for both TECHNOVORE and Plymouth College of Art to develop a working relationship and lead to many more collaborations, including an analysis of their online learning provision, data mapping projects, creation of a people tracking/counting system for their Gallery and a joint project that was part of an exhibit at the Tate Modern In London.

The Portal

The portal was styled at the clients request to evoke a metro style tile interface to make it easy to customise the information available to students at any time. The tiles are double sided and flip on hover revealing additional information. Each tile can be sized according to the content it is to hold and any element can be controlled. The navigation menu was kept purposely simple yet flexible with integrated social media follow links.

The site was configured to allow the team working with it to add/edit and remove content, reducing their reliance on an external web designer/company although TECHNOVORE were always just a call or email away when it came to support. From time to time this means that images can be uploaded to the site that weren’t optimised for the web. As part of the ongoing maintenance agreement we monitored page load speeds and went in to resize or optimise any images or content that were causing an issue.¬†

The Content

The toolkit was required to house a range of different pieces and types of information. Some of this content simply did not lend itself to a visual tile based approach. We modified the theme to allow a series of drop down “resource” accordions. These allowed students to quickly and simply navigate directly to the information they were after whilst at the same time, allowing them to see what other information was available.

The Additional Resources

The toolkit was more than just a repository for static information though. We developed a range of interactive quizzes and calculators based on the clients preferred platform (Google Drive and Gsuite). These tools would allow a student to complete a presentation in google slides full of useful information then, answer questions in a Google form. We then recorded the information in Google sheets and used Google App Scripts to process that information and present an outcome to the student. This was a valuable information gathering solution for the Client and provided additional value to the student.

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