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Making Responsive Tables

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Making Responsive Tables

What are responsive tables?

I think most of use will be familiar with the idea of tables. Ways of representing information in a logical and easy to navigate form. If you aren’t sure what tables are, have a look at this Wikipedia article. 

One issue with tables is that quite a lot of the time, they don’t respond well to being resized for different screens and devices. It is that minor, yet irritating issue that has bought you to this article. 

What do you suggest I use??

We love Tablepress for creating our responsive tables. It is easy to use, works well and best of all, is free! You can read more about it on the Tablepress website.

Are there alternatives?

Yes, absolutely. Great news right? Well, perhaps not super great. Many of the alternatives are premium or paid for plugins and will cost you a bit of money. It is always worth paying for a plugin if it will do exactly what you want it to do but for an overview on what is available just search for “Tablepress best alternative plugins free 2019” or something similar in your search engine of choice. You will get a bunch of articles which will give you much more information than we can. For now, we like Tablepress.


Tables can be a great way to get your message across or showcase figures. If you can’t get your theme to display them properly, a responsive plugin is the best and easiest way forward.