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Digital Interpretation – Setting up a basic kiosk browser using Chrome

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Digital Interpretation – Setting up a basic kiosk browser using Chrome

When you need to display a web page or other suitable media via a web browser, there are a lot of options. I think I might have tried most of them but one of the easiest and more reliable (although not foolproof, that honour is reserved for the ipad and some selected configurations) is Chrome run in kiosk mode. The first thing you should do is visit this website to download Chrome. Once you have it, Click on the search icon (assuming you are using windows) and type the command “cmd” followed by Enter. This should bring you to a terminal window and by copying and pasting the code below you should navigate to the following folder.

cd C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication

Once in the correct location, enter the command. Its fine to copy and paste it.

chrome.exe --user-data-dir=c:	emp --kiosk

“WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT!?” Well, that my friend is the secret incantation that you need in order to do the following:

  • Start Chrome
  • Define a temporary directory for user information to be stored
  • Put Chrome into Kiosk mode
  • Open the website

You can change the website address to whatever page you want to open and be navigable.

This might be enough for you. But on the off chance you want to make sure your page stays where it is supposed to, you can always use the plugin Auto Refresh to refresh and reload your page at specified intervals.

If you want your kiosk to start when you start your machine, then follow the steps outlined on the website to run a batch file at startup on your particular operating system.

Happy Kiosk Browsing and if you get stuck, get in touch with us using our Contact Page.